Simple and easy to use image rotator with navigation menu for the main banner on your site, image slideshows, product galleries, photoshoot, picture album, developer portfolio and many such applications where you need to show some images to the end user and provide a navigation facility.

Banner rotator image

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Motion Blur is one thing, Motion trail is another. Its amazing how many effects can be created using a simple trail. TrailMaker class makes it possible to define any area in your movieClip, or the full movieClip to be blurred when something moves on it. The effect is bitmap based so performs pretty well with complex clips.

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It is often seen that reflections give a very cool effect and are widely used in site templates or animations to give cool effect. This reflection class should be the answer to all your reflexive needs by providing highly customizable and yet very easy to use options for 3D reflections

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Ark Oak

Create Your Badge

This is a customizable snow animation with large snowflakes visible. Easy, drag and drop use with default parameters. Customizable using simple action script commands as well.

click here to view it live at activeDen(the controls are on slide 5)

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Blogging Again

Been a couple of years since I blogged last time. Now it seems its time again to write some stuff down as to what I m doing ..

watch out for updates